My Story

I started Scentsy in October of 2016. I had only known about Scentsy because my grandmother had purchased a warmer for her bathroom, which I remembered seeing the last time I had visited her. I wanted to have something additional to do on top of being a full-time college student and working a part time job. After googling different at home business opportunities, I remembered that Scentsy was a direct sales company and I could put in how much time that I had available into my business.

I went to the main Scentsy website one day and randomly looked up consultants that were in my area. I then picked one, not even knowing who she was, and decided to join her team. I am so glad that I decided to join. My sponsor is amazing and has been helping me out since day one. Also, I have a fantastic support system where I can ask a question any time of the day and receive a response in usually less than an hour!!!


I am so excited to go to parties and events and share my love for Scentsy!! If you have any questions about products, want to host a party, or interested in joining my team, give me a shout out!! Can’t wait to hear from you, Nathan!! :)